Hey everyone and welcome to my new blog! YAY! I’ve been thinking lately about whether or not to create (another) blog but coming to think of it, why not? I want to create a space for my photography and a place for me to write about anything, like literally, anything.

I’ve done many blogs in the past and I’ve always somehow managed to get distracted and leave the blog behind in a dark place. But I’m going to try my goddamn best to keep this blog alive and kicking. I’ve been exploring more into photography, exploring, venturing out and I’m writing all of the time, so why not put all of them together in one place?

Here, you’ll find photography, lifestyle, rants, rambles, fashion, food, tech, the whole entire works. I’m also about to start my second year in Swansea University so I’m sure you’ll have a few posts about how much Shakespeare is stressing me out. I’m into television, so expect some reviews here and there. I’m currently working on a script project, Yellow Valley, about a care home in the South Wales valleys with a lot of drama and a hell of a lot of gospel music.

I don’t know how often I’ll post but I do hope it will be more than last time. This is just a quick hello, welcome, get comfortable, all that jazz. Hopefully you’ll enjoy the blog with my photography and words, please do, please.

Thanks for reading and YAY for new blog!



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