So, for today’s post, I thought why not a bit of fashion? With a little break in the city (Cardiff) with the boyfriend, Ryan, I thought what better opportunity to take out my suit (that I’ve only wore once before) and wear it more casually than the typical white shirt, black jacket, black fitted trousers that I usually wear.


This suit jacket and trousers are from Topman that I bought for an awards ceremony in university. I really feel that a black suit is a simple and timeless look that you can just wear again and again. I decided to wear it with this dark blue patterned shirt from Primark (thanks Nan) which I felt the colours went well together and I think this is an outfit that I will wear again.


I think it is good to spice up a suit or a classic look and just try something new and I’m pleased with the result. I think I would keep experimenting with different shirts, different textures to one, make use of the suit and I look like a cool businessman knowing what I’m doing. All that’s missing is a briefcase and a Starbucks, but I’m halfway there. Baby steps right, folks?

Cardiff is a really beautiful city full of little hidden gems and you can expect a lot more blog posts all about Cardiff in the next few days! Here’s a few more snaps, hope you enjoy!


Hope you all enjoyed this little fashion post and more Cardiff blog posts coming up! YAY!

See ya soon!


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