If there’s anything I love it’s bagels, the colour orange, good aesthetic, colourful teapots and good tea. I’ve recently been really into brunch with Ryan where we can just eat some nice food, drink some tea and just get on with what needs to be done. When we were browsing through Cardiff city centre, we went through the Royal Arcade and came across Uncommon Ground which is fast becoming one of my (our) favourite little spots.


Our favourite thing to get here is the bacon bagels (plain, we’re not so fussed on avocado) and pots of tea. Bagels are now my favourite food right now and I can’t stop eating them (especially cheese bagels, YAS). I’ve not really been a big tea drinker recently but that soon changed when we came here, I think it’s due to to the orange teapot…


Just look at those teapots! Just… amazing. I’m so putting them on my Christmas list this year, thanks, Santa! The whole aesthetic of the place is just my dream heaven. From the teapots, to the woodwork, to the lighting, to the desks by the window where you can just write or read, to the little menus… everything is just so damn GOOD. But now, it’s time to talk about big business: the bagels…


My mouth is just watering just looking back at those photo’s… literally heart eye emoji right here. The bagels are warm and toasted with warm and TASTY bacon, like so tasty, but for me, it’s not the full experience without a cup of tea alongside the bagel. Like damn, seriously. SO GOOD. And can we just mention those orange plates? Yes, please. But the menu is so different, with panini’s, sandwiches, toasties and many others which I’m sure if you’re not a mahoosive fan of bagels, there’s something for you too.

Alongside the amazing bagels and the amazing tea with the fab aesthetic, the thing that I really love and admire from this little place is that it’s a hub of creativity. Everyone in there is either reading, lost in their imagination, someone writing, someone doing music, someone is always doing something and the chilled and relaxed atmosphere really helps the creative juices flow. Even just sat there, writing a blog post, I felt so inspired and so ready to just get on with the work in front of me whereas Ryan wrote some songs.


So, if you’re into creative atmospheres, good food, good tea (or coffee, it is a coffee roastery after all), AMAZING aesthetic, then I’m sure this will be the place for you. It really is a perfect little gem and I’m sure this won’t be the last time we will visit there and have a bagel and a pot of warm tea in my fav orange teapot.


See ya soon!



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