Me and my boyfriend have been coming to Cardiff quite a lot now seeing as I’m away from uni for summer and we decided that we would go to Cardiff every two weeks. We’ve been here a lot now and we decided that we should try somewhere new and we’ve had our eyes on this restaurant: Slug & Lettuce for some time and we thought it was about time we’ll give it a whirl.


As soon we walked through the door, I fell in love with the place. The whole aesthetic is just… I mean, just look at those photos! Just stunning. I’ve decided that I want a blue chandelier in every room of my house when I’m older. The whole place has this cool and chilled vibe that you can just relax with good company, good food, and of course, good cocktails.


Cocktails was one of the biggest selling points of going here. We both went for Mojito’s, me going for the classic and traditional one whereas Ryan went for the strawberry Mojito. Classy. These cocktails WAS SO DAMN GOOD. Like, hell yeah for cocktails. We had some garlic bread for starters which was so soft, chewy and mouthwatering. Like YAS. But then, it was time for main’s…


I went for the Chicken Tikka Masala (with a side of chips and mayo (YAS)). I love chicken tikka and oh my actual GOD, it was so bloody beautiful. Like seriously, I want to go back there and just have it again and again and again. Ryan went for the smothered chargrilled chicken with sweet potato fries. The sweet potato fries look so damn tasty. I didn’t manage to steal one in time… maybe next time.

The service was really good and accommodating and made us feel very welcome and made sure everything was spit and spot for both of us. It’s safe to say that we will be going back there again and again and I can’t wait for some more of that amazing chicken tikka masala, um, yes PLEASE.

If you’re in Cardiff and you’re looking for great food, great service and GREAT AESTHETIC, then Slug & Lettuce is perfect with reasonable prices. And how cool is the name, Slug & Lettuce? Yes. I like it. A lot.


I hope you enjoyed the post and if you check it out, let me know! Do you have any good food recommendations in Cardiff? Let me know in the comments!

See ya soon!



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