Hey guys, another fashion blog post for you today! While in Cardiff, me and Ryan went to watch Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (expect a blog post on that very soon!) which was amazing and so with our little date to the theatre, we had Pizza Express and oh my actual God, the pizza was divine.


I mean… just LOOK AT THAT PIZZA *heart eye emoji*. I love Pizza Express; the pizza is so warm, delicious and just… ugh. Oh and I did accidentally, yes, accidentally, order a large Peroni. Oops. But you know, I did drink it all…


After our little pizza date, we went for a walk around Cardiff Bay which is just beautiful and stunning. Plus we worked off the pizza and the beer before the theatre, so, you know… For the night, I wore this shirt that I had in Topman earlier, which I LOVE. The style of these shirts resemble old fashioned pyjama shirts but I love them, especially the collar. Plus the pattern is to DIE for. I wore it with blue and white fitted suit trousers with my black Topman suit jacket (there’s a blog post about the suit on the blog) and felt it was a well completed outfit with my Raybans. I talked in the suit blog post about breaking away from the ‘traditional’ ways of wearing a suit and I feel that this is an outfit that works.


I  feel that this is a good outfit and it is smart but not too smart but smart enough for the theatre. Here’s a few more snaps:


That’s it for today’s post! I hope you enjoyed it and there’s a few more Cardiff posts coming up along with a review of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang! Spoiler alert: it was SO good.

See ya soon!



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