Last Tuesday I had the pleasure of watching Chitty Chitty Bang Bang at the Wales Millennium Centre in Cardiff and it was just spectacular. Growing up, I remember not being massive fan of the film and the story but I think that’s partly because of the Child Catcher was terrifying as a little kid. But now, nineteen years later, I can honestly say that it was the most enjoyable experience I’ve had in the theatre in a long, LONG time.

The whole production was just spectacular especially with the amazing large set which looked epic on the stage. The visual effects projected on the stage was stunning and really enchanted me in the entire story. The lighting was spot on and everything just looked beautiful. It really was a piece of theatre art.

But the reason why me and Ryan went to watch this was because we’re huge fans of Carrie Hope Fletcher who plays Truly Scrumptious. I’ve been watching her on YouTube and following her grow as a performer but also a person. She seems so much confident in herself and who she is as person and a performer. When she came out on stage in Chitty, I just bursted with pride. I literally squeezed Ryan’s hand so hard when she came out on her little bike across the stage. Like, ugh… she has just amazing stage presence and she plays the character of Truly with such warmth, heart and conviction. I was just totally mesmerised with her performance. I literally can’t wait for her career to just grow and we will be there cheering her on as ever. GO CARRIE! WE LOVE YOU!

The leading man, Lee Mead, was also amazing and spectacular and utterly adorable as the hero, Caractacus Potts. Watching him perform on the stage was just inspiring and admirable as I am also into acting and performing and he just made me feel so inspired and just made me want to run on the stage and fly in the car with him. He really captured the whole audience as we went on this journey with him. He was just so natural and real and most importantly of any actor playing a character, believable and relatable. He had amazing chemistry with his leading lady, Carrie Hope Fletcher, too. When they kissed I was just like “YAS!”. Literally over the bloody moon when that happened. After watching the show, I am now a massive Lee Mead fanboy and I don’t think that will stop anytime soon.

After the show, we went to the stage door and met Carrie and Lee! Being such a big geek over Carrie for a number of years, I was overwhelmed when she walked through the door with that amazing smile on her face and I was just shaking as were many others when they met her. Both Carrie and Lee was just so welcoming and lovely and took time with people which made the experience feel so much more rich and special to everyone.


I can’t stop smiling off these photos and they are just the most beautiful people ever. Just look at them. *another heart eye emoji*. Just… UGH. I  can’t wait to see them carry on and we’ve already booked tickets to see Lee in a couple of months in Cardiff and can’t wait to see what Carrie does next.

Throughout the show, I was completely enchanted and lost in the world of Chitty. When Lee sings ‘Hushabye Mountain’, I was a mess. But that didn’t stop there, oh, no! When the cast sing ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’, I bloody wept for ages. It was just so special and magical and the car flying in the air… well, I can’t even describe it.

The rest of the cast was just so on point and amazing. I loved the duo of Sam Harrison and  Scott Paige as Boris and Goran. They were just hilarious and everyone in the audience loved them. Their song when they’re trying to become ‘more English’ was hilarious and a hoot with the audience. Andy Hockley was just superb as Grandpa Potts and he was just charming, hilarious, adorable, wonderful, all in one. The children were just so adorable and cute and so enchanting to watch and they put so much hard work into their performances and I’m sure they are going to go for in their careers.  Claire Sweeney and Shaun Williamson was electric and fantastic in their duo of the Baron and the Baroness; they were hilarious and witty and Claire Sweeney’s legs are to die for especially in her big dance number. Wow. The ensemble was just extraordinary and I couldn’t keep my eyes of them, so much commitment and dedication in their performances and really lost the audience in their performances. Bravo.

Overall, this was just one magical experience from the get go. The whole production was beautiful, the cast was to die for and really had that family vibe about them which is so good to see in a family aimed show. Perfect fun for the summer holidays.

I really hope they release a soundtrack with this cast especially with Lee and Carrie as their songs were just so beautiful I need to hear them again and again. I would also really love it if they filmed the performance and aired it on television around Christmas time, perfect for family viewing which of course Chitty Chitty Bang is all about: family fun.

If Chitty is near you soon and tickets are still available, then go and see it because you wouldn’t want to miss out on what is TRULY (get it?) a cracker of a show. Just superb and I feel so inspired and geared up to be on the stage again.



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