Today’s blog post is about one of my favourite things EVER: stationery. I just love it so much, like seriously, I think I’m addicted. With my second year at university starting next month, it’s time to get some new stationery! I might have gone slightly OTT, but like I said, I’m addicted.

I got the vast majority of these from Wilko. The stationery is so good in there and so loyal; I’ve gone through primary school to secondary school to college to university. Every year I have to have a theme with my stationery and this year I’m going with this light turquoise blue colour which is just… YUM.

In university, I am doing a joint honour’s degree with English Lit and Media Studies. I like to have two separate colours to distinguish them from each other. For my English Lit, I’m going all out on the turquoise blue. It is such a lovely cool colour that compliments well I think.


I had the large file, a clip file (mostly for coursework), a project book (which I LOVE), a notebook, a refill pad (a god saver with coursework), a little exercise book and a diary to match. I can’t wait to write all about Shakespeare in these books.

For media, I was going to go with the lime green colour theme that they also have going on but I wasn’t feeling it. So I thought I would just stay simple and go for a black theme with media. I think it’s simple but also really effective too.


I had the exact same things but just in black. Well, except for the file (which I think another shopping is due for)… but I am pleased with the little themes going on and I think they work well for the different subjects. I love a good notebook!

I love these pen pots. I think they are so affordable (like one pound each = BARGAIN) and I just love the whole design of them and they look so cool and stylish on my desk. The colour scheme of my room is next year is largely yellow with a few bits of blue, grey and orange thrown in too and I want a lot of pops of colour in the room which I think these add. Plus they make your pens and pencils look so good. YAS.

With my pencil case, I just like a simple plastic pencil case which comes in handy when it comes to exams. But it’s not just that, that’s just my style and the things that I enjoy: simple but with a pop of colour; I’m not a huge fan of big over the top patterns (except on shirts!) so I like to just keep it simple and minimalistic.

This pencil case was from somewhere like B&M where I just found it on a chance and I just instantly fell in love with it. Orange is my favourite colour; I just love it SO MUCH. So. Let’s take a look and see what’s in my pencil case…

I really love the Bic pens. I have used them throughout my educational life thus far and I just love them. Who doesn’t love a good Biro? They are just so simple and write really easily. The highlights, also from Bic, are my favourite highlighters. I’ve found it quite hard to find good highlighters that are good to use before in the past but these are the ones for me! They are just so thin and so easy to use with such good colours. Perfect for annotating texts and doing coursework. While looking through Tesco, I found this silver Bic pen which is AMAZING for a number of reasons, them being: 1) it is SILVER, 2) it has lot’s of different colours to use. I love these pens, they are so easy to use and just so lovely to write with. And what wouldn’t be a pencil case without a Helix ruler and a pencil, right? This little rubber, Rex, from Toy Story, was a gift my niece, Mallie. He’s my favourite character in Toy Story (other than Woody), I love dinosaurs AND it is orange! What a winner. Yes, I do realise I’m missing a sharpener… *adds to shopping list*.

With being university, I find it really important to be organised and know what I’m doing (expect a blog post on this in the future), so, with this, I need a diary. I had two because I know I use them and my turquoise one looks like it won’t be along for long and I do use them quite a lot anyway and I find these really helped me in my first year at university. Especially writing everything I had to do, coming home from a long day and then ticking them off is SO satisfying.

I had this turquoise one as it fits the rest of my colour theme and I love the whole style of it and it feels so nice and soft and I can’t wait to scribble down my notes and tasks of the week. But I knew, after picking this up, that I needed something a bit more sturdy. So that’s when I picked up this Oxford University diary as I love the structure of the diary and the colours and design is just amazing.

Diaries are a really useful when starting university and they really helped me stay on track with deadlines and when events came up so if you’re starting uni, or even school or college, you should get a diary so you can keep organised.

I also got some other bits and bobs for my desk when I’m at uni. When having a browse in PoundLand with my mum, I came across these little beauties. You know how much I love orange and these are just… perfect.


LOOK HOW CUTE THEY ARE. Ugh. These are so useful and they look so good on my desk and they are just so accessible too. They did have elastic bands too but I don’t think I’ll use them as much as I will use these three. I love how small they are too and I think they make a cute little set. And if anyone doing coursework and essays knows, clips are a godsend. The pins would also be really good to use on a pin board to pin some photos and memories on a notice board (if you have one).

I also got this little silver mesh desk tidy storage for my desk to keep everything looking tidy and organised.


I knew that I wanted some more silver in my room at uni because a lot of the decor is yellow, blue and orange and not so much grey and I think these are perfect. I think the yellow post-it notes look good with the silver too. At Wilko, you can get the collection of these, I have the matching pen pots and they do make a nice looking set on your desk.

So… I think that’s everything! I love stationery so much and I hope you love it as much as I do. I think I’m just about set for my second year at uni in terms of stationery but I’m sure I’ll pick some other bits and pieces up before I leave next month! I hope this inspired you in someway for your stationery for next month, whether that be in school, college or at uni or just in general, because everyone loves stationery, right? Wilko has some really good stuff out at the moment with really affordable prices. And don’t do what I did one time before: leave everything too late because everything good is gone! And nobody wants that!


See ya soon!



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  1. I love the stationery you got! Especially the blue notebooks. Also, it’s a really great idea to have different colors for the two different main topics of your degree.

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