With my little niece, Mallie, broken up from school for the summer, she’s constantly down my house and I’m faced with the challenge of making something fun for her to do each time. It’s really hard to try and invent something new, creative and something that they find interesting to do.

In today’s blog post, I thought I’ll talk about some of the ideas that I’ve come up with to keep her entertained. Obviously this might not work with everyone and every child as each child is different of course, but right now, this works for little eight year old Mallie.

This one is the oldest trick in the book. Who doesn’t love a good den? I was bored and looking for inspiration and I suddenly turned to the trampoline and I just thought: damn,  that would be a good den! So I asked my mum to get some old sheets and blankets and I made a little comfy chill zone. Obviously, this isn’t just for children to chill and cool down in the sun but it’s also great for the grown ups too. I’m so tempted to make it again so I can just chill in there and read my book.


This was very simple with just a couple of old blankets with a few pegs on the trampoline and Mallie loved it (so did I). It was very cool and relaxing and I’m sure I’ll make another one for myself too.

If there’s one thing Mallie loves, it’s playing with her dolls. They are basically real children (obviously) so we have to create fun games for them too. One that Mallie loves recently (with the hot weather) is summer camp. How American of her. So, in the garden we set up  little spots for each thing to do for the kids. We had an obstacle course, the chill zone, her doll house, sports stuff and lot’s and lot’s and LOT’S of Shopkins.

Mallie loved being the team leader and loved making sure the kids had a great time. Bless. It was great to see her thrive of the responsibility and I did chuckle to myself when she said to the dolls that if you’re under five, be careful of the Shopkins in your mouth. Health and safety = check.

Mallie loved it (so did the kids) and she had a good few hours just playing about and being in charge. She also loves doing school with the kids which makes her learn along the process which is refreshing to see!

Me and Mallie love musicals and she loves throwing on a little musical with the kids. Sometimes, it’s a bit too much for me as she ALWAYS wants to do a musical but I love her little face when she hears the soundtrack to Matilda.

With the nice weather, we have ventured the musical on tour… to the garden. Mallie now knows terms like: director and choreographer and she loves being the director. Why? Well, she’s in charge, of course.

It’s also good to see that she’s using her own imagination with stuff like this, she’s starting to make music by herself and she’s getting more and more involved with musicals. I’m so happy. YAY. So it’s good that your little one uses their imagination while also being incredibly musical at the same time.

With the Olympics currently on, Mallie is obsessed with sports and last year, she had some sport’s day equipment and she loves to create a little sport’s day with her dolls. There’s usually some running, bean bag races, egg and spoon races, sack races… the whole works. This, of course, is a great way to burn the little one’s energy and keep them fit in the same time.

Mallie loves this as she loves seeing the kids taking part and again, being in charge as the teacher. She also gets to see me be a silly little twit with a doll between my legs doing the sack race. Such fun, right?


That’s just a few little tips on how to entertain the little ones in the summer! Well, how I entertain Mallie anyway. But, of course, there’s SO much more you can do: go out to the park and have a picnic, go to museums (who doesn’t love a bit of culture?), go swimming, go strawberry picking… there’s so many! I think it’s really important for the children not to be sat in front of screens all day and go out and do more; especially with this lovely weather. I’ve got to do the same too! I’m always by a screen; whether that be my laptop, my television or my phone. I’m always attached to a device and not looking up to the sun.


I really think that’s important with kids, especially these days with all of the new technologies coming out. It’s important that the little ones (and everyone in general too) goes out and has some exercise but most of all, enjoying themselves!


I hope you enjoyed the post and hopefully I gave you some ideas to entertain your little ones this summer! Do you have any recommendations? Let me know in the comments!

See ya soon!


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