Hi guys! So, the past few days, me and Ryan have been on a little break to London! I’ve always wanted to go to London growing up but never went but with being with a boyfriend who’s obsessed and I mean, OBSESSED, with the place, then it was only going to happen soon.

We decided that with our three month anniversary, we would take a trip to London and watch one of our favourites, Wicked. Expect a blog post on that soon! I’ve always loved the idea of London too, the tube, Big Ben, all sorts so I had a list that I wanted to see and Ryan was the best tour guide EVER.


We spent the first morning, after having a suitcase dilemma (lol), Ryan showed me the sights. We went for a long walk and a few tubes and we went to Leicester Square, Shaftesbury Avenue – which I loved. I’m a huge fan of Curious Incident; I’ve never seen it live on stage but I love the story and the character of Christopher to pieces and I played him earlier this year and I just LOVE IT. So I was SO excited to go and see the theatre as Ryan has sent me photos on Snapchat of the theatre and now I got to see it myself, so, YAS. It’s truly beautiful.


I was totally mesmerised by the Les Mis theatre; just look how beautiful that is. It’s next on our list for sure! We then kept on walking to go and see the theatre for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child as we are going to see it next October (so wish it was sooner!) and oh my GOD, look how beautiful this. SO EXCITED.


After we had a look around, we decided to go into this garden to chill for a bit. So, we threw out our snazzy new picnic blanket and chilled for a while. Total bliss. Everything was so calming and relax; just totally lovely *heart eye emoji*.


The one thing that I love and surprised myself by is the Underground. I thought it was so exciting and I had a thrill off it. So good. But one thing that I didn’t like was the stairs. Especially carrying a suitcase. UGH. But yes, I loved it.


I’m really into politics and have always wanted to go to Westminster so it was on top of my lists of where I wanted Ryan to take me and my god did it not disappoint! As soon as I got out off the underground, I was in love. Everywhere was just so beautiful and picturesque and just stunning.


Westminster Abbey was just so beautiful and just so picturesque. I just loved it. I’m so happy with the photos too! Me and Ryan decided to chill in the shade (so we threw out the new picnic blanket) and just chilled and celebrated our three months over some Prosecco. YAS.


We then had a chill and got ready to go to Wicked. Like I said, it was amazing. Like seriously, amazing. I’ve loved the songs so much (especially Popular and One Short Day) and Glinda was just outstanding. Like seriously, WOW. But more on that in my review shortly…


After Wicked we decided to go to Picadilly and take some photos at night. I’m so pleased with how the shots came out and I really loved exploring London at night.

The next day and our last day, we basically did everything all again! I fell in love with the place especially Westminster and the Southbank which we saw the second day. SO GOOD. I also loved the whole atmosphere of the place, as Ryan would say, it’s like a different world. This whole vibe that’s just so addictive and gets you sucked in. I loved walking around with my camera snapping away and creating memories. And I can’t think of anyone better to share it with than Ryan.


I think it’s safe to say that this won’t be the last time to go here. Especially to see Curious and Harry Potter next year! YAY! This is the first of many blog posts from London especially some fashion posts!

Thanks London, you were beautiful. You are beautiful.

See ya soon!


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