Hi guys! For today’s post I thought I would talk about when I went to see the amazing Wicked in London this last week with Ryan during our little London break. I’ve loved the soundtrack for a number of years now and I’ve always wanted to see it on the West End. When me and Ryan were thinking about our little break, with it being on our three months anniversary, we thought Wicked was the perfect show to watch as it’s both quite sentimental for the both of us. Especially ‘For Good’. UGH.

So we went to see it and literally… it was out of this world. With this being my first ever time watching something on the West End, I was so excited and the minute the lights dimmed and the music started… I knew I was in for a treat! We had good seats too, but with being on the edge, some parts were a bit masked for me but we was near the front and had a good view overall so I guess that makes it better, right?


I have to talk about the cast. The stand-out performance for me was Savannah Stevenson who plays Glinda. Listening and watching YouTube videos of the show, Glinda was always my favourite character. But with Savannah, I was glued to her the whole way through. This woman stole the show for me. She was Glinda. She was funny, she was sassy, she was strong, she was vulnerable, she was… AMAZING. I literally couldn’t keep my eyes off her and couldn’t stop laughing during the ‘Popular’ scene. Popular is my favourite song with the comedic element and Savannah didn’t disappoint one bit! I also loved her during ‘Thank Goodness’. This was one of the favourite songs for me that I didn’t love before but seeing it on stage, I was completely in love with it and Savannah’s voice was amazing. Like I said, Savannah was the star of the show for me and I can’t wait to see her in something else in the future! I think she’s becoming one of my new favourites.

Emma Hatton plays Elphaba and what a voice! Her voice literally gave me goosebumps especially in Defying Gravity which of course is ‘the’ song of the show, isn’t it? I love that whole scene of the song and Emma was SO GOOD. I also loved her during ‘No Good Deed’ which was just stunning. Literally, her voice… how does it do that? Like seriously?! I’ve got to be honest and say that I wasn’t such a fan of her acting as Elphaba than I was with her voice. I just felt that she felt awkward on stage, but yes, of course, that’s just how she chose to play Elphaba but there was something that I was a bit… left cold by, you know? But her voice was stunning and I really connected with her during Act Two which I think is where she shone brightly. Her chemistry with Savannah was also something that I loved which you can see so much during the Popular scene, and well, throughout the show too. You can just see how close they are even with just a look.


A surprise for me was falling madly in love with Fiyero who was played by Oliver Savile. I’ve never really enjoyed Fiyero listening to the soundtrack but watching this on stage, especially with Dancing Through Life, I was completely overwhelmed. I’ve never been a fan of the show but watching the whole sequence live on stage was just amazing! And Fiyero’s tights were a little… tight shall we say. I think it’s kind of hard for Fiyero, whoever plays him, as he’s always going to be overshadowed by Elphaba and Glinda. But I loved Oliver’s performance. He was the cheeky, savvy, funny, smug guy at the start and I loved his confusion and frustration with his relationship with Glinda and Elphaba. He had amazing stage presence and really made me feel connect with him. And no, not JUST because of his tights…

The rest of the cast was also pretty special in this performance. I loved the ensemble, watching them in their crazy beautiful costumes made me want to get on that stage and join them! Can you just imagine how amazing that would be? Being in Wicked ensemble? I would love that especially in One Short Day! Liza Sadovy gave a great performance of Madame Morrible and had me in fits of laughter throughout and she has #ultimatehairgoals. I’ve never really enjoyed the character of the Wizard but Mark Curry’s performance was just simply great. I loved his performance in his end scene… no spoilers! The most adorable character of the show is Boq that’s played by Daniel Hope. I just couldn’t keep my eyes off him. He was hilarious, cute, adorable and completely lovable as he tried his best for Glinda’s attention and he was great with Katie Rowley Jones who plays Nessa Rose. Katie was a great Nessa and I loved the relationship with her and Emma as two sisters fighting against each other and am I the only one who gets a Frozen vibe? They were great together and had such back story and hurt in just one glance.


I hope you enjoyed the post and do you love Wicked as much as I do? Have you been recently? Do you want to go? Let me know in the comments! It’s safe to say that I had an amazing time with one amazing cast! THANK YOU! Hope you’re well!

See ya soon!


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