Hi guys! For today’s blog post I’m going to show you another outfit that I wore in London last week. We were kinda lucky when we went as we were in the middle of the heatwave (but also unlucky as it was TOO hot) but you know, who doesn’t love a bit of sun? Before we arrived, I was wearing a striped t-shirt and jeans and that didn’t sit well for me with this weather. So, when we finally got to the hotel, I changed into my shorts and this patterned shirt that I am obsessed with.


I am literally obsessed with this shirt. I’ve had it for a number of years, it’s from H&M. It’s very light and it was really good with the hot weather as it was very lose and didn’t stick to my skin. Hurrah! I love the pattern on the shirt too; I love the bold colours against the white background, it’s a stand out piece in my wardrobe. Not many people are fussed about it but I love it. I think it’s different, fun, bold and creative. And by now from reading my earlier blog posts, you should know how much I love a patterned shirt!


The shorts I’ve also had for quite a while now (one-two years?) and I love them. I’ve never really been a go-to-shorts type of guy. There was always one pair that I would just wear and go on with the day. But I love these ones. They are a little bit tailored but not too much and I love the pattern and style of them. I’ve found that these shorts go with mostly everything. I love them with just a simple t-shirt too. But this shirt I feel also goes with it too. The shirt is the stand-out item of the outfit and I think the shorts ground it a bit, you know?


We spent the afternoon chilling outside Westminster Abbey drinking Prosseco celebrating our three months anniversary and I’ve never felt so chilled especially in front of beautiful surroundings. My trainers are my wrecked old ones that I wore just purely for comfort. When walking through London you need a bit of comfort, right?


I hope you enjoyed the outfit as much as I did! I think it’s safe to say that this outfit is going to be used again.

See ya soon!



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