Hi guys! For today’s blog post, I want to talk about inspiration. I’m a very creative person, I love to write whether that be scripts, stories, essays or even a blog post but it’s hard to find inspiration isn’t it? Especially in a creative field. Inspiration is key in all aspects while being creative. Inspiration for characters, for stories, for worlds, etc. Inspiration is key.

But what happens when that inspiration is gone? I’ve been writing for most of my life, I remember sitting in my nan’s little green-coloured living room, on the floor, with my notebook and pen writing story after story; getting lost in my imagination which at that time basically consisted of astronauts and dinosaurs. Sometimes both at the same time. I know, wild. Writing as a child is much more different to writing these days, at that time, I could write anything, literally anything and would still get a round of applause. Yay, Corey! He wrote an astronaut riding a dinosaur on his way to Mars? Yay! But now, nineteen years later? I think it’s safe to say that it’s not the same anymore. Soz.

Writing in my ‘adult’ life (I’m still a little kid), inspiration is harder. Much harder. I’ve really gotten into writing TV scripts for drama and comedy and it’s something that I want to purse into a career, hopefully. There’s been a number of scripts that I’ve wrote (may or not have included astronauts and dinosaurs) and they are a load of shit. Literally, shit. That’s me being honest. In my scripts, I like to document and expose real life with real people with real stories and problems. My inspiration? Everywhere around me. I’m a people person, and no I don’t mean I love to talk to people and make smalltalk about how shit my career is and how awful the weather is. No, I like to watch people, especially on public transport! You can make an entire script of the man who’s limping holding a plastic shopping bag. Why’s he limping? Why does he shop there? What has he bought? I really like his coat. Life is full of people from all walks of life and TV/Film (in my case TV) should realise that and showcase that. I’ve watched people, listened to bits of dialogue and wrote it down and included it in scripts. I love it. I could sit on a bench in the town centre and just watch life go by, characters, ideas flowing, inspiration. Like I said, inspiration is key.

But sometimes, you don’t have that burst of inspiration. That old man limping with his shopping bag. You’re just stuck there, staring at your notebook and/or laptop’s dark screen with your tea going cold and your digestive biscuits sinking and sinking into the cold tea. Not good. If you’re like me, a writer, with cold tea and soggy biscuits looking for inspiration and suffering from the dreaded writer’s block, I would just write. Write anything. Write what you did today or what you didn’t do today. At least you’ve written something instead of making your tea go soggy and your tea go cold, right? Sometimes being a writer can be lonely, even with all of the characters inside your head, it can be a bit lonely sometimes sat by your desk or wherever with your cold tea and soggy biscuits.

If you’re stuck in a writer’s rut and can’t get out, go for a walk. If you’ve got a dog, go for a walk around the local park. If you haven’t got a dog, well… still go for a walk. It’s good to have air into your lungs and stretch those legs and stretch and relax your mind. It does wonders. Take a notebook, sit in the park and just write. Write about the trees. Write about anything. When I go for a walk, a burst of inspiration comes to me and I run back to my laptop and finish my script. Yay for inspiration.

If you’re a writer or anyone who’s in need of inspiration, don’t panic. Don’t worry. Inspiration is everywhere around you. Literally. Stretch your legs. Stretch your mind. But never worry, inspiration is there. Just have to find it there, underneath your cold tea and soggy biscuits. Or might be in space with the astronaut and his pet dinosaur. Or is it in the limpy man’s plastic bag? Oh yeah, shit, it’s everywhere.

See ya soon!


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