Hi guys! University is going to be starting very soon, or perhaps it has started for you already, who knows, but I thought I would share five things that I wish I knew before starting my first year at uni last September.

So, here goes:

1: NO NEED TO TAKE EVERY SINGLE THING WITH YOU FROM HOME: When I first went to uni, I was adamant that I needed to take everything. Every coat that I own, even if I don’t wear it or it’s a winter coat, I would just take them anyway. I took with me lot’s of bits and bobs and did I use any of it? Hell no! Did I need any of it? Hell no! Did it take up storage which I could have used for other stuff? HELL YES! Seriously, looking back now, I was stupid to take all of that stuff with me for no point whatsoever. Literally. So, when you go to uni, don’t take everything and the kitchen sink with you and coats you never wear, even if they do look nice, just take what you really need and will actually use. It’s something that I’m baring in mind before I start my second year.

2: COLOUR T-SHIRTS: Bare with me on this one. When joining societies and going to different socials, something that always came up was different colour t-shirts. I advise you  to get like a collection of different colour t-shirts so you can just whack them out of your small wardrobe and go to the colour t-shirt party. Seriously, it really comes in handy. I think I’ll stock up on some colourful t-shirts before I go back.

3: NOT EVERYONE’S GOING TO LIKE YOU & THAT’S OKAY: Going to uni is scary and frightening and a big whole fucking adventure. Everyone’s trying their best to showcase the best, over-the-top version of themselves. But most of all, everyone is trying their best for everyone to like them back. Everyone does it, even I did it. Friends is one of the biggest factors in the university life. You’re away from home, you haven’t got your mates that you go to Nando’s with (#cheekynandos) – you’re alone, like on an island, and you need friends. I’m not the best person when it comes to making friends. It’s hard to force a smile, make small-talk and pretend you like their outfit. It’s shit. For the first couple of weeks, I liked everyone. Even the ones who annoyed the HELL out of me. I just couldn’t stick them but I needed to make friends so I smiled politely at them. Aren’t I nice? Or more than that, aren’t I stupid? After I realised what I was doing, I stopped pretending to be their ‘friend’ and spent time with people that I actually liked spending my time with. No time for people like that and you shouldn’t either. I get it. Uni is scary and it’s hard making friends, but go to societies, try different things, find people who has something in common with you, make friends that way so you won’t pretend to like someone just for the sake of it. And if they don’t like you? Don’t waste your time pondering why, keep walking, wearing your colour t-shirt on your way to a society social with your real friends.

4: SET YOUR ALARM EARLY: 9am lectures are the worst (or earlier? Surely 9am is the earliest, yes?) but whatever, being up early is shit. It’s hard. It’s awful waking up after a night out (#student) and go to a two hour lecture the next day? Shit. I didn’t go out that much, it’s not my sort of scene. I’d rather just watch something on TV and spend time on my own, I like it. I’m an introvert and I’m proud. But even if I didn’t go out (or spent all night watching Netflix), getting up early was still a struggle sometimes. Only sometimes. I’m very good at getting up for shit that I need to get up for. Including lectures. But sometimes, just sometimes, the alarm goes off, you hit snooze, get back into bed. NOT GOOD. So I’d suggest to make the alarm slightly earlier than planned that way you can have a few extra minutes sleep and ponder about getting dressed and ready but make sure you’re up, dressed and ready and get to your lecture a good ten/fifteen minutes before just so you make sure you’re in the right building and know where you’re going.

5: LABEL YOUR FOOD: People who steal food from you are the devil’s of uni. Seriously. You should grab a Sharpie and LABEL YOUR FOOD! Seriously, thank me later. Yes, they might still steal your shit but you know what? HOW RUDE. In fact, label everything! You can’t be too sure can you? Always important! And also, of course, never go stealing other people’s. Always ask if you need a little bit of milk in your tea on a gloomy morning!

That’s all from me for today’s post! I hope you guys enjoyed it in some way or form and if you’re going to uni, that it helped you in some way too!

See ya soon!


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