Hi guys! Another book post for you again today! Who doesn’t love books, right? This time it’s re-organising my bookshelves. I’ve been meaning to do this for quite a while now. I was just so bored and tired of my old shelves. It was boring and didn’t have a good structure. There were piles and piles of books on top of each other, shampoo and deodorant on the shelves. It was a bloody mess. So it needed a change. I hope you enjoy this post and don’t get bored, I thought it would be a fun little blog post to do! And again, who doesn’t love books?!

This is what my bookshelves looked like before. See what I mean? A complete mess! That’s what you get for having too many books, I guess… so now it was time to take the books off and re-organise them! The fun bit!


My first shelf was usually my collection of Doctor Who books but I decided they would go to the second and have the ones that I read more often would be up on the top!

As you can probably see I’ve got a lot and I mean a LOT of Doctor Who books. When I was growing up, my Nan would buy me every single one. I think I’ve got all (or if not most) of the David Tennant/Billie Piper books. I loved these little books, I love the whole style of them. I always loved cuddling up when I was younger and getting lost in the world of Doctor Who (as always). I was devastated when they changed the style of the books and made them larger. I mean, thank you for ruining my bookshelf aesthetic. I think that’s what made me stop getting them. I’ve also got a few Torchwood books, one Primeval (anyone else really love the show? Had the toys and everything) and two Sherlock books. This shelf is my little nerdy shelf where I can just grab a book and geek out. Hell yeah!

With my Doctor Who books on my second shelf, I decided that I would put more of the books that I read more of – mainly fiction paperbacks. I love a good paperback, especially fiction, I just love having a few hours to read a good couple of chapters before bed. It’s something that I’m really enjoying at the moment.


I love this shelf; I love the colours of the covers – which is something that I really wanted to change when re-organsing my bookshelves. Colour. I’ve got a lot of black/dark covers and I think it’s safe to say that I need more colourful books! But of course, can’t judge a book by it’s cover. These are books that I’ve read more than others and the large bulk of my fiction collection. And yes, there a lot of rom-coms but I like them. Deal with it.

The third shelf is the place for hardbacks and memoirs. Lovely. I’m not so sure about hardbacks, I’m always a paperback type of guy. But holding a nice hardback is really pleasing, isn’t it? Most of the hardbacks are autobiographies. I’ve had most of them for years and years. And yes, that is an Ant & Dec autobiography. I was big fans of them growing up. Still am. Dec is adorable, isn’t he?  Anyway… with this shelf, I also added a cookbook, a script book of Miranda (big fan!) and my Sherlock book (which is so lovely).

Now, for the fourth shelf, this is where all my English Lit books are. There’s so many. A few of them are just fiction books but the rest of them consist of Shakespeare, Charles Dickens and other classics. I guess that’s what comes with being an English Literature student – lot’s and lot’s of books. As you can see in many of the books, there’s lots and lot’s of page markers and sticky notes – that’s revision for you. I usually hate writing on books but with revision it really helped me. There’s duplicates of books so I can have one to just read and then one to just vandalise. Go me!


The next shelf is where I guess my series books are. Especially my book-set (not box-set, LOL) of Game of Thrones! Have I read them? Hell no. Well, almost. I guess. I did read a few chapters early on in the summer and every summer that I’ve had them I always say it’s gonna be my mission to read them all. Oops. I fucked that one up! I also have some Jack Reacher books, some Mortal Instruments books and The Maze Runner series (my nephew is borrowing The Maze Runner; hope he gives it back!) and some politics books too!


Time for the last shelf everybody! Hurrah! With the other shelfs now full and full of books that I read and enjoy more, there wasn’t that much books left to put on the shelf other than books I read when I was twelve. I decided that I would put my GQ magazines there (only got a few – I love it, the whole style is just SO good) and I think they look great on my shelf! And yes, I know what you’re all thinking: but what happens when you have more and more GQ? I don’t know. Let’s not worry about shit like that. Let’s focus on the now and right now, they look fucking fab there. I’ve also got my Hunger Games books (don’t know why I still have them – I hate that series), a few crime books, language books (who do I think I am?), a few Pointless (the quiz show) books and a book all about Hitler.


And that’s all my bookshelves all done! Hurrah! I am so pleased with how they turned out. I spent quite a long time of planning what book goes where and thought about the colours and how they would look on the shelf too!

But there’s one book that’s my favourite and one that I will cherish forever. This is George’s Marvellous Medicine by the amazing Roald Dahl. I love Roald Dahl; he’s the reason why I fell in love with reading, he made my imagination go to places that I thought were impossible. He’s the greatest storyteller ever. I’ve had this copy of George’s Marvellous Medicine since I was a little lad and it’s something that I want to treasure forever and pass down to my kids. I decided that I couldn’t just stiff this away on the shelf, this had to be in a place of pride and joy. I decided to move my camper-van and place the book right at the top of my bookshelf. It might be a bit tacky but fuck it, it’s my favourite book and I just love the cover of it so, SO, SO much.


I really enjoyed re-organising my bookshelves and I recommend for you to do it too! I’m sure that this won’t be the last time that I re-organise my bookshelves in the future at home especially when I come back from university with even more and more books! And I’ll get some more for leisure too because I’ve really found my passion for reading again. I’m reading on public transport now! On my way home from Cardiff, I read Carrie Hope Fletcher’s book ‘On The Other Side’ (there’s a review on my blog!) and I was completely lost in her words for a good hour or so. Reading before bed is something that I am doing more off; I find it really calming and useful to just switch off (literally) from the laptop and phone and just chill with a book. Ugh, SO GOOD. If you’re feeling a bit stressed or overwhelmed, just grab a book and chill. Take a breather. And then when you’re lest stressed you can re-organise your shelves! Hurrah!

This is a before and after shot of my bookshelves:

Hope you enjoyed the post and found it enjoyable and interesting at least. I loved doing this; it really calmed me and relaxed me. The power of books, eh? Would you guys like me to do the same but with my DVD’s? If you haven’t already guessed, I’ve got a shit ton of them too.

I would also really love it if you could recommend some good books for me! Yes, there’s no space for them but I’ll make space. Somewhere… drop them down below in the comments!

See ya soon!


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