First of all, hello. Secondly, I’m sorry. I’m sorry it’s took me over a week to do another blog post. My bad. There’s been a few reasons why I haven’t wrote them: I’m just about ready to leave home and go back to uni to start second year (hurrah!), I’ve hit a bit of bump in the road with creating content. I have. Sometimes it happens and it’s shit. But hey, here I am. I also had a week away with the boyfriend to just relax and chill before leaving for uni as we won’t be having these amazing relaxing days together with lectures and lectures of the main guy Shakespeare.

This is what today’s blog post is going to be about: our stay at the Novotel Hotel in Cardiff. Throughout summer we’ve become regulars in all of the Travelodge’s in Cardiff but for the last week of our summer adventures we decided to go all out and stay in a snazzy hotel. We’ve passed the Novotel quite a lot and was always telling ourselves that we’ll have to go some time. And with it being our last week, we thought there was no better time.

This hotel was just… ugh, AMAZING. From the moment we got there, we thought there was incredible service from all of the staff and they really made us feel accommodated throughout our stay. We stayed for two nights to just chill and relax and spend the most of our time together in the best way possible. Now, let’s talk about the room…


I didn’t take a lot of photos of the room (my bad) but what a gorgeous room. We stayed in one of the superior rooms and we both fell in love with it as soon as we walked through the door. Is it just me who finds it really satisfying when you put the card through and open it? SO GOOD. But yeah, the room was lovely. We had lovely views, the air-con was amazeballs and the bed was the comfiest thing ever. Just divine.

The biggest selling point for us was that there was a swimming pool and gym. We both want to get more fit and start going to the gym more so it was no brainer that we had to go there. In terms of swimming, I can barely kick my legs. I’m a shit swimmer. Hell, I’m not a shit swimmer, I’m just shit. I can’t do it. So Ryan just swam back and forth while I just floated around like a lost puppy. But I can say is that I was chilled as hell. When we went there (we went there like four times I think); the pool was almost empty so it was perfect to just sit back and relax. We spent a good time in the hot tub too which was just… ugh. Everything was so peaceful and relaxing and just perfect.


One of the days we was staying there, there was a massive storm outside. We planned on going out to the city centre a good three times and every time we walked out of the doors, BOOM! Thunder and lightning. Fab. So we decided to cuddle up in bed together and be all cosy which was just wonderful. After a few cuddles and kisses, we headed back to the pool for some more relaxing chills.

After our impromptu swim (or float in my case), we headed down to the hotel’s restaurant – The Shed. Everything is so aesthetic (as is the rest of the hotel) and just so on point. Seriously. I want everything in my house. From looking at the menu’s outside, I knew what I wanted straight away – a fish finger sandwich and fries. HELL YEAH.

I mean, come on, look at that! It tasted like heaven and the presentation and service was top notch too. Everything about this hotel is friendly and welcoming. I’m not just saying that either, everyone was really friendly and made everything so accessible and easy. Let’s talk breakfast…

In the mornings, me and Ryan would get up, gym and then go in the pool before going to the hotel’s restaurant for breakfast. We’ve had many breakfasts in hotels over the summer but this one tops them all. As the others, there was a buffet style breakfast. Get what you want! And everything tasted so damn good… especially the sausages.


I mean… come on, look how good that looks! And yes, probably too many sausages but I was hungry. Big time. But they tasted good so #winning. The staff were so welcoming and Ryan made a few friends there too.

Here’s just a few more random snaps of the hotel:


That’s it for the post! Thanks Novotel for making our stay the best time ever. Me and Ryan LOVED it so much and can’t wait to come back there again – hopefully in the next few weeks! If you’re looking for a hotel to stay in Cardiff and just wanna relax then this hotel is for you. As I said: we loved it; whether that be from the gym, the pool, or just cuddling up in bed watching Bridget Jones, it was amazing. But what wasn’t amazing was the walk to and from the Bay… but hey, compromises right?

See ya soon!


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