Recently, there’s quite a few things that I’m LOVING. I’m that type of person that loves things and the next week? I might be loving the same thing but most probably, loving something else. So, today, I thought I’d share some of my fav things at the moment!

  1. FILM: I’ve been really into films this year so far. I’ve been really engrossed in that culture, especially with award season happening. I said in my blog post where I talked about my new year’s resolutions that I wanted to get more involved and engaged with film as I’m more of a fan than TV than film so I wanted to make it my mission to watch more films and get involved in that culture. I’ve been reading magazines such as Empire and Film; loving interviews from the stars, reviews and big features about certain films. One of my favourites is La La Land (i know, i know); it’s still with me after I first watched it. I was shocked. I was in awe. I loved Emma Stone; she played her character perfectly with such heart and warmth. But being honest, I haven’t been to the cinema in a long while… oops! But I feel so engaged and I’m reading articles about debates in film, about gender, race and other prominent themes and I have a LIST FULL of films I want/need to see! I really can’t wait to watch Hidden Figures and finally get round to watching Moonlight and Manchester By The Sea
  2. INTERIOR DESIGN: Just about the start of summer, me and Ryan are moving into a house and my god, interior design has been my new fav. I’ve always been interested in interior design; looking at different textures, colours but now with a new house? I’m all over it! With having this new house, albeit a blank canvas, I’ve been designing mood boards for the different rooms and been working ridiculously searching different websites on shops, listing the products and then… couple of mood board’s and few lists of products, we’re sorted. At the moment, I’m loving H&M Home. God, what a beautiful place with interiors. There’s a lot of rustic vibes and lot’s of patterns which is something that we’re working on at the moment. We really want to make our home the home we want it to be. I really want to blog about our new house and the process of making it our own as it also gives us something to look back and show you some of the stuff we’re loving! Oh and browsing through interior design magazines is my new favourite thing to do; you can really find something that just pops out to you and you instantly add it to your mood board, on the list and oh, you’ve bought it and it looks good on your shelve…
  3. PODCASTS: Podcasts are my new go-to-thing at the moment where I want to switch off and relax. Podcasts were really good for me when I was revising as I need something when revising because silence is killer. I used to watch morning TV while revising for my exams but that was off-putting. I would watch YouTube videos but that would be distracting. So what do I do? Then, all of a sudden, in the new ‘trend’ of podcasts, I found them and trust me, it’s something but it’s not visual. It’s not radio, it’s not music booming, it’s people talking, interesting people talking about interesting things. My favourites at the moment is Emma Gannon’s Ctrl Alt Delete, Dawn O’Porter’s Get It On and many more. I think I’ve found the perfect podcast in that I love people just talking; even if it’s about nonsense and nothing to do with me, it entertains me and carries me on with my revision. If you’re not in the world of podcasts, get on iTunes and have a browse. There’s so much there for everyone. Do you have any good podcast recommendations for me? Leave them in the comments!
  4. APPLE TREE YARD: Okay, but have you seen this YET? Apple Tree Yard was a new four-part drama on BBC One that was adapted from the book by Louise Doughty starring the amazing and mesmerising Emily Watson as the lead, Yvonne. My god, what a performance. I was so excited for it to come on TV with the trailers, articles in the press that I just had to grab the book in Tesco. I still haven’t finished it but it’s just as intense and marvellous as the TV adaption.  Go and watch it and read it – it’s bloody great.
  5. RELAXING: I talked about this in my previous post about the importance of relaxing and reflecting. It’s now one of my favourite things to do; go out for a walk around the marina and watch the sun set. It relaxes me and calms me and sets me for the next day ahead. End of the old, start of the new, so to speak. Plus, you get really good photo’s for your Instagram. So, win-win situation.

So, that’s just a little selection of five things that I’m loving (obsessed) with at the moment/past few weeks. So, now, I’m going to go and listen to a podcast, watch a film or two, skim through some interior design magazines, read Apple Tree Yard and watch the sun set – all in one day.

What are you loving at the moment? Let me know in the comments below!

Corey x


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