// fire //

Hi guys, for today’s blog post, I thought: why not some poetry? I’m by no means a poet or I wouldn’t call myself that. I’d call myself a writer, I love words and playing with them and creating something with words. And I guess this is what this is: a creation of words mixed together to create something. But then again, isn’t that poetry? Anyway, this is something rough that I wrote quickly called Fire. I hope you enjoy.

// fire //

the burning orange,
the burning light,

the sparks in the night sky,

illuminating your face.

when it hits your face,

i can see it,

the pain, the sadness,

the guilt.

it is etched on your skin.

but what happens next?

when the fire is out?

we are in darkness,

the fire, the light,

is gone.

but the pain and the guilt are not gone.

it’s stronger than before.

eating away at you.

holding you.

captivating you.

we all have a fire inside of us,

burning, illuminating,

radiating, boiling,

waiting for the right moment.

waiting for it to blow up,

and one day, it will.


the burning orange,

the burning light.

always there,

always waiting.

waiting to ignite.


corey x


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