If there’s one thing I love in the world, it’s interiors. There’s nothing better than walking around shops browsing and looking (with some occasional shopping thrown in). With me and Ryan, my partner, just about to embark on our new (and first) house together, we’re full steam ahead on the interior train. Quite frankly, I’m having the time of my life!

So, for today’s post, I thought I’d share with you guys some tips and ideas that I’ve been using when looking for stuff for the new house…


  1. SHOP AROUND: This may sound like the most simple thing EVER, but it’s true. Look and shop around; something you might like that’s over £200, you go into another shop, it’s more than half the price! It might be designer or a brand but you can get it for much cheaper and it’s more or less the exact same thing. Plus, that way you have more money to get more stuff. It’s a win-win situation.
  2. GRAB EVERY CATALOGUE: When shopping around, don’t forget to look out for a catalogue in the store. There’s nothing better than sitting down with a cuppa and having a quick browse through a catalogue circling everything that you’re lusting over with a Sharpie. Something that me and Ryan have been doing is having a different coloured pen for each of us so we know who circled what and who liked what so we can argue about buying it later. Most catalogues are free but the Next one you have to pay £2 but it’s worth it; we love so much stuff there and it’s good for a coffee table read.
  3. MOOD BOARDS: I love doing mood boards, it’s been one of my favourite things to do these days. When starting with a brand new house, a blank canvas if you will, there’s so much to do and think about, you have so many ideas going through your mind and a mood board is a great way to express that, especially in a visual way. Being a creative person, mood boards do a lot for me. I open a PowerPoint (or Keynote or something similar) and do slide of each room of the house, or recently what I’ve been doing is splitting the rooms of the house into sections and having each slide from each shop I’ve had stuff from. As said, mood boards are great to see everything that you fancy in one place and it allows you to be creative. To go with the mood board, it would be good to save the links of the products in the photo (i just use the photo of the product in the mood board) so you know where they are instead of searching frantically for them. So, if you’re decorating or have you own blank canvas, get creative and do a mood board.
  4. LITTTLE BOOK: In Tiger looking for potential house stuff, me and Ryan had the idea of getting a small little book so we can write down everything we like in shops with the price so we know where everything is. So, we grabbed a mini light pink book and made our way through shop after shop scribbling the stuff that we want/need.  This is a great way of noting down exactly what you want/need, especially with the prices. After every shop, we wrote ‘TOTAL’ below so we could add up the prices of everything  so we know what our budget is for each shop.


That’s just a few little tips and ideas that I’ve been enjoying when thinking about interior design and working on our new house – hope that helped some of you! I really want to do a lot more stuff about the house and interiors on the blog so expect a lot more in the future!

Corey x


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