Hi! I know, it’s been months since I’ve wrote a blog post and I’m sorry. Everything has been hectic over the last few months since I last uploaded: uni, uni, uni, uni, oh, and the new house. Me and Ryan have just moved into our first home together and it’s finally starting to feel like a home instead of just a house. We’ve been working tirelessly over the last few months and weeks getting everything together and making this place our own. And so far, everything is going great.

And the best thing is that uni has also finished – my second year of uni is over and done. Second year has been challenging, emotional, stressful, but at the same time, rewarding. I’ve had good marks on my essays and I’m starting to get more and more comfortable in myself both personally and academically. But, like I said, university is over for the summer and the house is coming together, so I thought, why not start this blog up again this summer?

I’ve got loads of ideas running around my mind for content and I think the time has come to just put those ideas out there. I’ve been writing in my little orange notebook idea after idea for this blog and with most of the book full, I feel confident enough to carry this blog further. With this blog, I got stuck in a rut and I didn’t know what to do with it. But I think (hope) that problem is solved.

So, here’s to a new start: looking forward to third year in uni, settling down in the new house with Ryan and this blog. I want to focus on the house and talk about the process of our home, I want to show you what we’ve bought from the shops, show you around the rooms of the house (when they’re finished) and talk you through interiors as that’s a huge passion of mine. I want to talk about fashion, lifestyle, university, I want to do some poetry – the list is endless and I’m excited to get started!

That’s it for now – just a little hello and to kick things off. We haven’t got wifi yet, so I’m going to be busy writing up blog posts and taking photos ready for when we have wifi! But until then, see you soon!

*ps: is there anything you would like to see on this blog? Leave me a comment below!*

Corey x


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