If you’re like me, there’s nothing better than cuddling up in bed and just binge-watching some Netflix, is there? Let’s be honest, no. So grab your blanket and your picnic of snacks and hide away from the world with your best mate, Netflix. I thought I would share some of my fav’s that I’ve been obsessed over these past few months…

1: RU PAUL’S DRAG RACE: This is a show that I’ve seen all over my social media and have always been interested in it but I never got round to it until a few months back. After finishing my coursework and not really finding anything to watch on Netflix, I thought this was the chance to start Drag Race. I started it and instantly loved it. I mean, it did take me a while to get used to it (especially with it being years and years ago) but I loved it and before I know it, Ryan started watching it with me and we’ve been obsessed over it for months now. We’re currently on season five but we’ve hit a halt because with the house and everything in between, but with wifi coming very soon (YAY!), we can’t wait to carry on and fall in love with Ru Paul even more. Is that even possible?

2: 13 REASONS WHY: Right, this is a biggie. With there being such a huge buzz around 13 Reasons Why, me and Ryan were interested. Me and Ryan have been looking for a series/boxset to watch together for ages and 13 Reasons Why was the perfect match. Like mostly everyone else (I assume), I fell in love with Clay and Hannah. But, ugh, especially Clay. He just has that look that you just want to look after him, doesn’t he? This was such an important show with an important message and I think it was good and important that it opened such a big discussion. Sometimes, it was a bit of a drag as it focused on too much on smaller characters that didn’t really add anything and I would have loved to see more of Clay and Hannah’s relationship. But, the cast are strong and give such great and strong performances (that will no doubt make you cry) and a soundtrack to die for. I’m still unsure on the issue of a second season, though…

3: GILMORE GIRLS: I love watching a show that you can just put on in the background and a show that you don’t need to pay 100% attention to. And that for me, is Gilmore Girls. I’ve been interested in Gilmore Girls for ages now but I couldn’t get into it (it takes me a good while to like something) but when the revival came on Netflix, I decided to watch and give it a go – and I fell in love with it and Emily was my ultimate fav. So, after falling in love with the revival, I decided enough was enough and was time to try from season one again. I’m still in the middle of season one but there’s just something about it, isn’t it? It makes your heart fuzzy, your face smile and everything in between.

4: KINGSMAN: SECRET SERVICE: I’m not a huge fan of movies and films. Give me a good boxset any day, but a movie? Well, it better be good. I’ve never watched movies on Netflix either but one really caught my eye: Kingsman: Secret Service. I’ve wanted to watch it for ages and couldn’t find it on Netflix (for some reason *eyeroll*). But, when I did find it, it was a laugh from start to finish. It’s like a spy movie but good.

That’s just a few little fav’s of mine that I’ve been loving recently. With the new house and wifi sorted properly, I can’t wait to binge some more Netflix! I’m really excited about GLOW; it looks so good – right? I love the 80’s and I’m obsessed already.

Is there anything that you’re loving on Netflix at the moment? Any reccomendations? Let me know in the comments!

Corey x


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