In today’s blog post I want to talk about this lovely little fragrance from Next – Urban Elements, Marble. I’ve been eyeing up this fragrance for quite a while now and let’s be honest, it was mostly down to the packaging and the bottle. Everyone’s obsessed with marble, right? I love the fragrance so much that I thought I’d share it with you guys.


So, what does it smell like? It has top notes of bergamot lemon, with a touch of citrus leather with a base of patchouli musk. When you first smell the fragrance it can be a bit overpowering and rich but just wait it out, it grows onto you and you will fall in love with it. With the patchouli musk, it smells masculine and strong but in a good way! I’m not a big fanatic about aftershaves (I just stick to my classic Jimmy Choo) but this one is growing into one of my favourites.

Okay, let’s get to the packaging! I was instantly drawn to the bottle when browsing through Next (mostly looking for house stuff) and I loved it. It looks stylish and fits perfectly on your bathroom shelves and on your dressing table. It’s a statement piece, in my opinion and I really don’t want to throw away the box!


This fragrance is a perfect gift for someone. The fragrance comes in different forms: this 30ml bottle (£10), 100ml bottle (£15) and a gift set with a face and body wash of the scent along with a 100ml bottle of the fragrance (£15) – perfect for a Christmas present and of course, the 30ml bottle will be perfect for a stocking filler!

This was just a little post to talk about this fragrance that I’m currently obsessed with. I had the 30ml of Ryan as a little surprise gift and I think it’s time to upgrade it and grab the 100ml bottle! It’s safe to say that I will be checking out the rest of Next’s fragrances and adding them for Christmas presents for people!

Have you tried this fragrance? Have you got any recommendations? Let me know in the comments!

Corey x



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